Avocet Lodge

Winter Update

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone!

We are here at the lodge for the New Year and the park is packed. I think everyone must come to Suffolk for the New Year. Most of our favourite walks are waterlogged and a section of the walk to Eastbridge is actually under about 18" of water, resulting in very soggy feet for the rest of our walk to the Eel's Foot Inn.

We have added a Nespresso coffe machine to the lodge, so if you have any Nespresso-compatible capsules please bring them and use the machine. Most supermarkets sell compatible capsules.

The lodge will be closed from 5th January until the 17th February.

Autumn Update

Many thanks to all our visitors this year, and thanks to those who have made suggestions on how we can improve our lodge. We had a comment about the mattress being uncomfortable as the springs could be felt. This person suggested a memory foam topper, which we have now fitted and we can notice the difference ourselves, so thanks for the suggestion.

The garden has been in a state of flux for some time, but finally we are almost there with it. There were a few areas where the grass seed did not take, and these have now been turfed so the plot is looking good now. The garden is completely dog-proof now as all the gates are fitted and the fence at the back of the plot has been lowered. Our Boston Terrier, Lola, loved the fact she can now be left to her own devices!

Next step is to put slabs at the back of the lodge and then a shed and/or summerhouse when funds allow.