You may think it strange having a title of "History" for a lodge that is brand new, but it gives me a chance to explain how we came to buy the lodge and to show a few pictures from the build process.

In August 2016 my dad, Brian Johnson, sadly passed away aged 83. Our inheritance allowed my wife and I to buy the lodge. For this, I will be forever grateful and I do regret that he will never see the place that he enabled us to own. However, I do know that this would have made him happy and he would have loved the place. In memory of dad, we have dedicated a part of the garden to him and Avocet Lodge will always remind me of my kind, generous dad!

We first saw the lodge as a showhome at Cliff House park in December 2016. We went away and considered many options before eventually returning in February to have another look around. We saw the plot that was allocated to the lodge which had a view of the sea and decided there and then that this was the place for us! We have always loved Southwold, Walberswick and Dunwich and to own a place in the area was beyond our dreams - until now!

We did the deal and work on the plot commenced. The pictures here show the progress. Currently (Easter 2017) the lodge is almost finished and we are staying for the week. The park in which the lodge is set is fantastic. Very peaceful, beautiful surroundings and the friendliest and most helpful staff you could wish to meet.

We decided to call the lodge Avocet Lodge because the avocet is the symbol of the RSPB which has probably its best nature reserve located just a couple of miles from here, and is one of a few places in the country where one can see this amazing bird.

This page will be updated as work progresses. We hope some of you reading this will be able to share in our good fortune and experience the lodge, park and surrounding area.

Lodge Photo Gallery